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We run a very busy clinic, so if you need to cancel for any reason, please call us with 24 hours notice.

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Acupuncture and NAET

I attended this clinic in relation to a chronic low immune system after exhausting various other traditional avenues. Although it took a few sessions the results have been very impressive. I no longer catch a cold every time I step outside the door!
Since that time I have also brought my 4 year old to the clinic for NAET treatment, as he suffered from severe nightmares. After a course of treatments the nightmares stopped completely and have not come back six month later, so it seems to be a permanent solution.

I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.
I have attended this clinic on numerous occasions for various ailments. Each treatment was profoundly successful. Barbara Illien is a consummate professional who provided the best possible treatment in the most caring, friendly environment. She is clearly highly knowledgeable, excellently trained, and passionate about and truly gifted at her job. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.


I went to Barbara last year for fertility Acupuncture and I found it brilliant. She helped regulate my Cycle and boosted my fertility every week. I conceived within 3 months of going to her and I went to her every week throughout my pregnancy and I flew through the whole pregnancy with no problems and now have a wonderful 8 week old little boy!
I would highly recommend Barbara as she does have lots of experience in this area. It’s well worth spending the money!!!!!!!

Thanks Barbara for your wonderful treatments and advice. Really feeling the benefit of your expertise.