We now know that most illnesses (headaches, back aches, joint pains, addiction, PMS, digestive and skin problems, behavioural differences) can be caused by undiagnosed allergies.

NAET stands for Nambudripad‘s Allergy Elimination Technique, after Dr. Devi Nambudripad, who developed it ca. 20 years ago.

How do I know I have an allergy?

We are generally aware of the more common allergy symptoms such as skin rashes, runny nose and eczema. However some other common but less well known allergy symptoms can include IBS, mood swings, yeast infections (candida), dyslexia, extreme mental and physical fatigue, sugar cravings, ADD/ADHD and allergy related Autism.

Head NAET Instructor for Europe: Helen Bowman.

Allergies – NAET

Allergies are not a new phenomenon, they have always existed. Even Hippocrates noted BC that cheese would cause strong reactions in some people while others could enjoy it without problems. 300 years later the Roman philosopher Lucretius wrote: “That which is one person’s food is another’s poison.”

To understand the subject better, it is useful to start with the original definition of the word ‘Allergy’. It consists of the Greek word ‘allos’ (different) and ‘ergion’ (reaction). So an allergy is a ‘different reaction’. In NAET we describe allergy as a weakening of an organism by internal or external impulses. The allergic reaction can occur everywhere in the body. The impulse that causes the reaction is defined as allergen.
The list of possible allergens can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Ingested allergens like food, medicine, drugs
  • Inhaled allergens like pollen, environmental pollutants, perfumes
  • Injected allergens like vaccinations, insect bites
  • Infections by allergens like bacteria, viruses, parasites
  • Contact allergens like textiles, paints, animal hair, implants, dental fillings, molds, fungus
  • Physical allergens like cold, heat, wind, radiation.
  • Emotional factors like fear, panic, grief.

NAET combines elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Nutritional Science. This method detects and eliminates allergies and intolerances. The therapy is non-invasive and is easy to combine with other alternative or traditional medicine. NAET therapy is used on clients of all ages, from newborn to the elderly.

One allergen can be treated per session.

NAET is now practised by over 5000 medical practitioners worldwide. Indika Health Clinic is the only NAET clinic in the West of Ireland!

Allergy Testing

The allergy testing is done by Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing (NST). This is a form of testing muscle strength of the arm in the presence or absence of certain substances and possible allergens.

Initial NAET treatments test the ’15 Basics’ which cover allergens frequently found in our daily diet. This includes eggs, dairy, wheat, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

NAET allergy testing can also be extended to any food or environmental factors.


After allergy testing, the patient is treated for the first detected allergen. The treatment is based on Chinese Medicine, where energy blockages caused by the intolerance are released, allowing energy to flow freely once again. This will be stabilised by finishing the treatment with Acupressure or Acupuncture.

After treatment the patient has to avoid the allergen for a minimum of 25 hours (avoiding time for children maximum 8 hours).  During this time the patient needs to avoid eating, inhaling or touching the substance in question.

Dietary advice on this is provided. (NAET diet sheet)

Allergy testing Galway

How does NAET treat allergies:

When Dr. Nambudripad developed her method, she realised that patients were generally allergic to several foods at the same time, for example pollen, fruit and nuts. Further research then showed that the allergic reaction was caused by one substance common to all three, namely phenol. From that she devised the so called Basic 15, a selection of 15 basic food substances, that every patient is tested and treated for as a standard procedure. Those basic substances will cover our daily diet from eggs, dairy to sugar and wheat etc.

The presence of an allergen occurring within the body leads to blockages in the meridians; i.e. the normal energy flow in the body is disrupted. The energy blockage causes interference in the communication between the brain and the body; this is often the first step in developing an allergic response. Many of the chronic illnesses of today are due to allergies; many unexplained symptoms may be due to a sensitivity or intolerance to food and drink, or something in the environment such as computer screen radiation or wood, or even an autoimmune response giving rise to long term illness – all of which can be treated with NAET.

The elimination treatment is based on Chinese Medicine, the idea is to dissolve the blockages to make energy flowing freely again. This will be stabilised by finishing the treatment with Acupressure or Acupuncture.
After the treatment the patient has to avoid the allergen for a minimum of 25 hours (NAET diet sheet). During this time the patient should avoid to eat, inhale or touch the substance in question.

Allergies Treatment Galway

The result

Allergy testing GalwayMany allergy treatments on offer are diagnostic. They find out where the patient shows allergic reactions and then recommend which substances he or she should avoid. What sets NAET apart is the fact that it actually eliminates intolerances. After a successful treatment the patient can actually eat or otherwise be in contact again with the substances they had to avoid  previously.

Furthermore NAET not only works on the physical level, but can detect and eliminate energy blockages caused by mental or emotional factors like fear, grief or shock. Using this, one’s whole outlook on life can be changed. The limitations that keep you from leading a meaningful and fulfilling life can be removed. Therefore the scope of NAET is a lot wider than traditional allergy testing.

Allergies Treatment Galway

INDIKA Health Clinic and NAET

Realising that many of her clients suffer from deep seated intolerances and allergies, Barbara began to search for an allergy therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
On one of her travels to India, Barbara was introduced to NAET and has completed the following trainings:

  • 2007: Basic training in Amsterdam
  • 2008: Advanced training in Munich, Germany
  • 2011: Advanced training in Munich, Germany
  • 2013: Advanced training in Munich, specialising in ADD/ADHD, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Eczema.


Patients treated by Barbara come with hay-fever and dairy intolerance to neurodermatitis, migraine and hyperactivity to name just a few.
The results Barbara had with clients over the last few years are very encouraging. Even clients with very complex and deep seated problems have dramatically improved!
Allergies Treatment GalwayHere some examples:
A thirty six year old IT specialist presented with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He had to give up his job 2 years ago, had no energy to do any daily activities, like cooking, walking etc. He came for regular NAET treatments over a period of four months. His energy slowly started to improve, after a few treatments he was able to do some gardening and housework. After completing the basic 15 NAET allergens he began retraining in his field of expertise and plans to apply for jobs soon. He said his energy was good.

A mother attended the IndikaHealth Clinic with her one year old daughter. The child was suffering from severe eczema, the skin in her face was nearly raw. After detecting and treating the child for intolerances to dairy products the skin healed immediately. Mother and child were very happy!