Stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks

Stress is the root of a thousand illnesses. This is a strong statement, but in general people underestimate the effect of prolonged stress. Health practitioners of all areas agree that the stress of modern living is one of the biggest obstacles to maintain health and well-being.
But unfortunately stress is a way of life for many people nowadays. The reason for stress can be found on many different levels:

  • Major life changes.
  • Work or school.
  • Financial problems.
  • Being too busy or loss of employment.
  • Children & family life.

Common internal causes of stress are:

  • Chronic worry and pessimism.
  • Negative self – talk.
  • Unrealistic expectations or perfectionism.
  • Rigid thinking, lack of flexibility.
Stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks

Our bodies are designed to react to stressful events by turning on the ‘flight or fight’ responses of the sympathetic nervous system. The results are a faster heart rate, elevated blood pressure, reduced blood circulation causing pain and muscle tension. If stress levels are high over a certain amount of time the body is releasing the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol is elevated our sleep pattern becomes disturbed and insomnia and anxiety increases.

Long lasting stress is depleting our energies resulting in physical and mental exhaustion.