My name is Barbara Illien.
I grew up in Germany and moved to Ireland in 1983 with my then very young family to rural Co. Galway, where we still live after over 30 years!

My parents died very young. Their generation had been drawn into the Second World War as teenagers, and the emotional shock and trauma of those years had strongly influenced them. I understood already then, that emotional and mental health are the foundation of physical health!

When I studied Chinese Medicine I was not surprised to learn that Chinese Medicine is rating the emotional state of people very high. It is said that over 95% of all problems have their origin in emotional imbalances!

 Years of working in my clinic did show me again and again that, as soon as my clients start feeling better, life unfolds as nicely flowing and manageable with ease; a lot of symptoms just fall away. This can of course be applied to the ever growing problems of anxiety, stress, fear, panic, shock. The emotional state has a big influence on other areas like infertility, migraine, back pain, insomnia etc.

If my clients are not aware which emotions are affecting them, I use my NAET emotional test kit to determine the emotions. This is very accurate, non-invasive and often enough very surprising. Treating for those emotions using the NAET Elimination Technique brings profound healing on the physical,    physiological and emotional level and leaves people with a deep sense of well-being.


Barbara Illien

Barbara Illien

Acupuncturist at Indika Health Clinic Galway

I have been working for years now using Chinese Medicine and NAET, and I have to say that its effectiveness, and how gentle and steady but surely it helps people, still takes me by surprise.
Chinese Medicine did convince me 100% !